Out with the Chevy

This week on the blog we have a new toy to play with. Chevrolet and I have teamed up for a test run of their new Chevy Cruze. Built in wi-fi, apple friendly, and a week to make use of this new ride. What more can I ask for? IMG_4685

One thing I got to do this week is really explore Toronto a bit more. I know you’re all thinking “doesn’t he live there?” but it’s a bit  different when you have a car under your belt. With that said, I took two of my closest friends out for brunch at “Mildred’s Temple Kitchen” down on King West in Liberty Village.

UM if you have never eaten here…you should probably check it out. #heavenonearth

cruze (1)

Here are a few shots of this beauty of a car.

shirt: zara

sunnies: RayBan

car: Chevrolet 😉

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