To the Gates

t o   t h e   g a t e s   w e  g o ! 

Back in April I had the luxury of heading to Key West, Florida, to explore the Gates Hotel. Designed in a modern yet minimalistic setting the Gates had a “beachy” atmosphere to it and was eye catching the second you drove up to it.  Their use of creamy neutral hues mixed with bright colourful accents gave their rooms that signature Key West feel which is what every city resident wants when trying to get away haha!

Another cool feature the hotel provided was their very own food truck (The Blind Pig); guac and chips, hand cut fries, burgers, fish tacos you name it,  spent majority of my time devouring it all.


However, bike rides along the island to get to the beach, restaurants, and downtown area were provided through the hotel and I must say had to have been my favourite experience. Just being able to not get on a bus or train and admiring the views at your own pace was luxury for me and I’m sure you would agree.


And as you know we had to keep style on check, this trip I really wanted to showcase RayBans new rounded clubmaster with the rose flash lens, and yes I also had the silver ones too. On the beach or to at the pool I brought along swimming shorts from H&M and Frank & Oak. And shoes I mean what better choice than a pair of Soludos?

All in all if you’re looking for a quick getaway with a more quiet and relaxed feel I would most definitely recommend that you check the Gates and if you want to bring me along, I mean thats okay too 🙂

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